* ^ *, ♑ capricious →  [ a gamzee makara fst just in time...

♑ capricious   [ a gamzee makara fst just in time for halloween / listen here ] - 25 tracks, 1hr 42min.

♔ it takes the ❝king❞ to damn a nation, a man to think he’s ❛god❜

ca·pri·cious / ᴀᴅᴊ. 

→ to be characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable

[ Warning - Contains loud content that could disturb certain users. ]

01 come little children KATETHEGREA19 02 blood on my hands THE USED 03 zombie THE CRANBERRIES 04 little clown, troubling clown STELLARMA 05 confession RED 06 monster MEG + DIA 07 i want to master life and death DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS 08 eyes on fire BLUE FOUNDATION 09 this is halloween MARILYN MANSON 10 monster IMAGINE DRAGONS 11 the bird and the worm THE USED 12 mama MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 13 animal i have become THREE DAYS GRACE 14 such horrible things CREATURE FEATURE 15 bang bang ARMCHAIR CYNICS 16 breathe into me RED 17 beautiful lie 30 SECONDS TO MARS 18 creep RADIOHEAD 19 shadow moses BRING ME THE HORIZON 20 sweet#hart CLOSURE IN MOSCOW 21 anti-venom EATMEWHILEIMHOT 22 the wolf FEVER RAY 23 luca BRAND NEW 24 die young stay pretty SHORT STACK 25 where is my mind THE PIXIES

♔ art credit to tumblr user princerits ♔

more information on how i put this together/headcanons etc under the cut

The songs in this mix have been placed in a specific order, believe it or not. I tried to capture both sides to Gamzee’s characters - the friend and the feared - and alter between them every song. 
I picked songs that I thought correctly reflected Gamzee as a character, thought processes, points of views, etc; trying to keep the mix itself quite flowing yet a little disruptive and ‘out of place’, suiting his nature.  

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